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Our Story

Garrett and Geneviève love the outdoors and adventure. They met at an avalanche safety course a few years back when Garrett had sold his house in Whistler to live the dream of travelling in an RV and Geneviève had just moved out West.

With the  arrival of their first child and their adventurous spirit, Garrett and Geneviève decided to take the opportunity to put all their belogings into storage and hit the road in the 31 ft motor homefor 6 months. 

Travelling on the West Coast, they learned very quickly how to travel in an RV and how to work as a team! They now cherish this amazing road trip.

The family now has a 17ft travel trailer which makes it safe to travel for the family of 4 and is more flexible. They would love to give the chance to other families to experience RV living.​


Our Company Headquarters

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